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Uncommon Service

"Uncommon service is making what should have been a bad day into a memorable, joyful experience where results are the end product."

Polly Pund

Customer Service

Since 1999

Uncommon Service

"CSA’s customer service produces knowledgable results for member needs with good judgement and sound investigative reasoning."

Daniel Thomas

Customer Service

Since 2008

Uncommon Service

"GE Smallworld’s Enterprise Licensing is just one result of CSA’s efforts to secure the best information technology possible in a manner consistent with the needs of its members."

Katrina Wesson

Engineering Services

Since 2008

Uncommon Service

"Utilities need dedicated and relevant resources for today and tomorrow. CSA ensures that uncommon service and intelligent design will be available both now and into the future."

Steven Dyer

Chief Technology Officer

Since 1998

Intelligent Design

"CSA's systems are built on the Microsoft Dynamics Platform so that they are intuitive, easy and flexible enough to meet the needs of individual utilities."

Josh Allen

Application Services

Since 2003

Intelligent Design

"In the wake of natural and technological disasters, CSA is ready with vital recovery resources as well as spur-of-the-moment innovation."

Kenny Mask

Operations / Tech Services

Since 1980

Intelligent Design

"CSA’s keen eye monitors the electronic network between it and its member utilities, making adjustments when needed, and often before the need arises."

Matt Coward

Operations/Tech Services

Since 1991

Uncommon Service

“In a business world of sound bites and empty promises, CSA values long-lasting, meaningful relationships with its members. We don’t just talk about making a difference – we work to make it happen.”

Carmen Leister

Regional Account Representative

Since 2006

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Central Service Association has earned Gold Certified status in Microsoft's Partner Program.

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