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CRC - Cooperative Response Center, Inc.

Cooperative Response Center, Inc. (CRC) is well known in the electric cooperative industry as a provider of after hours call-handling and line crew dispatch. Founded in 1992 by 19 electric cooperatives, CRC has increased its membership ten-fold and still holds true to the cooperative foundation that it was built upon. In addition to providing solutions to over 177 member electric cooperatives, CRC also offers its services to utilities outside of the cooperative marketplace through Associate Membership.


With contact centers located in Austin, Minnesota and Dunlap, Tennessee, CRC provides round-the-clock outage processing and comprehensive customer care with trained Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). Because of the skilled level of service, many of CRC’s member utilities use the contact center for daytime overflow and/or “complete” after-hours customer service, versus using CRC only for processing of outages calls. The vast majority of utilities that subscribe to CRC’s services rely on the contact center to dispatch crews for “after-hours” and weekend outages. Dispatchers use a proven system of sorting and grouping outages, systematic communication with line-crews, and various safety measures that meet the high standards of the cooperative industry.


CRCLink® eCommunications software is a valuable tool that makes the entire process flow. CRCLink® hosts consumer and electric system data from each member utility to aid in the processing of outages and management of line crews. The software also hosts the delivery of information between CRC and its membership. Aside from being CRC’s operational platform, a “local” version of this software program is made available to CRC’s member utilities, either as a stand-alone outage management system (OMS), or as an integrated component with other technologies.


For information about CRC’s electric consumer call-handling solutions, after-hours dispatch solutions, or CRC’s central station alarm monitoring, please contact CRC’s sales team at (423) 949-8707, or visit us at