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Orbit Customer Management and Billing

So what makes Central Service Association’s Orbit Customer Management and Billing System (CMB) so special? Three words – flexibility, usability and scalability. With CMB, utilities can accommodate from 1,000 to 100,000 customers with ease. CMB allows you to mold the system to your utility’s needs with SQL Server technology and Windows server platforms, providing intuitive navigation for anyone familiar with the Microsoft Office line of products. List-based navigation and customizable panes provide quick and easy access to Orbit CMB’s major functions. Orbit CMB requires little change in process and procedure while enabling far greater efficiency. The Account window alone offers access to 90% of all customer interaction. With CMB SmartList queries, you can query data in multiple ways to pull real-time data from the system, resulting in accurate and up-to-the-minute reporting.

Bill Tomorrow’s Range of Services  

Orbit CMB bills the gamut of utility services in a way that fits your needs. With CMB, you can bill fixed-rate and consumption-range rates for a wide variety of services, bill all TVA rates and programs with complete and accurate reporting, update rates easily and regularly, view rate details with extensive rate history, and more. The utility can generate billing for one account, a route or group of routes to match meter reading schedules. Additionally, charges can be imported from other systems and become part of the billing statement generated in CMB, providing a consolidated bill for all customer charges. Both even-pay and rolling-average billing are available with statement totals, payment application, bank draft payments, and collections activities.

Document Management  

Orbit CMB manages account activity as documents in batches of one or many. Documents may be posted to an account individually or in bulk and the system prevents the deletion of posted financial documents to ensure a complete audit trail. Reprint customer statements on demand including both monthly and final bills. CMB integrates with major print vendors such as SureBill, High Cotton, Total Billings and Pinnacle Data Systems. Get final bills to the customer quickly by printing on-site at service order closing, and identify accounts to receive bills via email.

Integration with Financial and Cashiering Systems

Orbit CMB is fully integrated with both the Orbit Dynamic Financial Management System (DFMS) and the Orbit Cashier System, immediately reflecting the activity of each. CSA has been billing for electric, gas, water, wastewater, sanitation and fire protection services for over fifty years. Today, through the expanded capabilities of Orbit CMB, local and long-distance telephone, cable, Internet services, propane and others have been added to the list of services billed.

For detailed information about Orbit Customer Management and Billing, click here to download the brochure.