Dedication to Service

The most important part of our business is simply service.

Old man using phone

CSA’s Five-point Corporate Vision:  

  • Focus on customer service: CSA maintains an internal core support group, based at CSA continually to ensure utility personnel always have telephone access to system support. In addition, utilizing a focus group of utility managers allows us to know more readily the needs of our utility customers, allowing those needs to be met with technical precision, old-fashioned service, and emphasis on member input.
  • Teamwork: CSA’s various departments work with our utility members, utility associations, and each other to form a more personable, closely knit team. This includes organizations like APPA, NRECA, TVPPA, TGA, and statewide organizations important to the utility industry.
  • Communications: Where relationships exist, communication is essential. To enhance its ability to communicate with its utility customers, CSA has implemented a new multi-line telephone system, a customer relations management system (CRM), and quality assurance (QA) teams to address our members concerns and issues.
  • Collaboration: To work effectively, an organization’s parts should move in the same direction. Different components solving problems independently of the others is often counterproductive. CSA uses all of its resources in conjunction with one another to dissect and solve problems more effectively.
  • Creditability: CSA is dedicated, with the help of the elements listed above, to provide the highest level of reliability and accuracy in its evolving product technology.


Perhaps the best testament to CSA’s dedication to its membership is this fact: The five original utilities that combined their resources to form CSA in 1937 are all still members, using the services of the Association. And of our approximately 130 member utilities, over half of them have been with us for more than 50 years. That is a testament to our stability. That is a testament to our commitment to serve.