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CSA is your sole resource for information technology within public utilities.


What began as a billing service has grown into an association offering a very comprehensive range of modern, computerized information systems to assist in all areas of utility operations and management. Utilities are our only business, and the employees of CSA are dedicated to meeting the needs and challenges of this dynamic industry. Today, our Orbit customer, financial and work management systems represent the latest technology and the greatest value in the IT arena. In addition, the Association offers UtiliTrak GIS/mapping software, professional and consulting services, networking, Internet services, hardware and software sales, related supplies and printed forms, employee benefit plans, and other assistance for public utilities.

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Our members rely on our expertise. Today’s utilities need the finest IT solutions available, but administering these resources often distracts from their core business of delivering utilities to their customers. For over 75 years member utilities have relied on CSA to handle many of these tasks that consume utility resources. In 2009, as part of a five-point corporate vision, Central Service Association developed the Technology Advisory Board. The mission of the board was to analyze technology trends and compare those trends to CSA’s future offerings, as well as review current services and make recommendations for the enhancement of existing products. The board has become the primary sounding board regarding development projects at CSA. Made up of selected, progressive utility personnel, the board is extremely valuable in helping to make sure that CSA is headed in the right direction and providing our members with the tools they need to serve their customers. The board vision for the future is to ensure that CSA continues to provide the highest level of products and services available to the utility industry. CSA’s Utility Developer Group is made up of programmers and advanced technical staff at member utilities. They have taken on the task of bringing the tech board’s plans into action.


The Power of Association: Most utilities with fewer than 100,000 customers would never dream of trying to purchase and implement a multi-million dollar IT solution. But through the power of association, our member utilities – representing a total of 1.6 million customers and over 3 million connections – get just that. CSA, on behalf of its membership, invests millions of dollars to make cutting edge solutions available at a reasonable price. Through shared resources, any utility can get state-of-the-art software and world-class support for a fraction of what it would cost to “go it alone.”


CSA is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network. This certification tells prospective members that Microsoft recognizes that CSA has the knowledge and trained technical personnel to support the products we are providing and selling. For our current members, it validates that the Association continues to provide an educated, highly technical support staff. Along with this certification, CSA has made a commitment to move all of its products toward the Microsoft Dynamics foundation platform. By doing this, our products take on the look, feel and functionality of the popular Microsoft Office suite. This well-known, intuitive user interface makes the products easier to learn and use.