With Benton County Electric’s recent Coincident Peak Power Billing Implementation, CSA shines. We were the first of 155 distributors to implement our new billing strategy within TVA. It was new to CSA. Their team’s dedication to our needs and understanding our goals made the implementation of our new rates structure seamless. With anything new, comes some bugs and corrections, but they have always been prompt and efficient at addressing any of our concerns.
We utilized the networking consulting services of CSA when we moved to our new building. Their staff came and did the network installation work, and did an awesome job! We have had a couple of professionals come tour the building, and they were highly complimentary of the work they did.
Very pleased with the software and support that CSA provides. Knowing that someone is just a phone call away with I run into a problem or have a question is something you do not find with all software systems. I have been happy with the way that we are able to keep up with inventory and with certain attributes through their software. Highly recommend.
CSA excels in their support. I use email if I need support but am not in hurry. For the most part this works well, (when I am in a hurry) the phone support has always been fabulous.
I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the help given to us by CSA during the last week when we had networking issues. We are a small company without an IT department, so we must depend on CSA and sometimes other contract companies to do this work for us. Yesterday, Charlie and his co-worker showed up and got busy immediately replacing some equipment and cleaning up the network wire mess (“spaghetti storm”) surrounding our network server and checked off all the computers connections. They got everything going so efficiently! THANK YOU for providing this service for small utilities like us!