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CSA held its annual Utilisuite User Conference February 1-2 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Murfreesboro, TN.


With 42 attendees, representing 24 utilities, this year’s UtiliSuite Conference presented a unique opportunity for our members to delve into the innovative solutions offered by CSA.


Our theme was “Busy As Bees”, and the sessions were evidence of the many ongoing projects in the works. Members were able to connect with others in their industry, gain insights into cutting-edge technology, and explore the future of utility management.


“You could feel the buzz of excitement that came from utilities presenting their experience using the UtiliSuite applications and the sharing of features we are working on,” said Charles Huddleston, Senior VP of Engineering Services.


As always, the goals of the conference have been simple: to share information between CSA and our utilities, for our utilities to share information among themselves, and to have some fun along with the learning. We’re already looking forward to 2025.

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