CSA Schedule

Engaging in utility industry events and conferences


Our goal is to be active in the utility industry, so we can talk with you and stay informed about your needs. We also know that attending conferences allows us to have valuable discussions with you while things are top of mind for you. That is why our staff strives to be at the most relevant industry conferences each year.


Below is a list of conferences and trade shows where you will find a CSA representative:

August 2023

16-18     TVPPA E&O Conference

                 Chattanooga, TN    

                 Charles Huddleston, Blair Hill,

                 Casey McBrayer

21-24     Distribution Apparatus School

                 Auburn, AL

                 Charles Huddleston, Blair Hill


September 2023


10-12     Electric Cooperatives Mississippi Meeting

                Biloxi, MS

                Susan Griffin, Patti Turk


27-29    MPUA  Annual Conference

                Branson, MO

                Blair Hill, Doug Penny


October 2023


3-4      TGA FAll Management and Business

             Accounting Conference

             Pigeon Forge, TN

             Tim Rader, Erika Thornhill


16-18   Electric Cities of Alabama E&O

             Hoover, AL

             Charles Huddleston, Blair Hill


18-21   TMEPA Fall E&O

              Nashville, TN

              Charles Huddleston, Blair Hill


25-27   Joint TECA/KEC E&O Conference

              Gatlinburg, TN

              Charles Huddleston, Blair Hill