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On March 27, 2017, Central Service Association acquired rights to all intellectual property of Utility Software Solutions, Inc., (USSI) headquartered in Morristown, Tennessee. This agreement transfers all assets, employees and intellectual property to CSA and allows CSA to further expand its footprint in meter data management, data analytics, and related products.

The two companies first began collaborating in September 2011 when CSA licensed USSI’s Meter Data Management System, which became the base for CSA’s expanded Orbit Meter Data Management and Analysis System. This agreement will transfer the ownership of that and other USSI products to CSA, providing greatly expanded resources for continued development and customer support.

Existing support contracts between utilities and USSI will continue to expiration, at which time CSA may offer either an extension of those contracts, or an upgrade to CSA’s Orbit Meter Data Management and Analysis System, which includes a maintenance and support provision.

“Utilities are currently rolling out automated metering technology at a rapid pace, and moving from monthly reads to hourly, or even 15-minute, reads creates a flood of meter data that must be managed,” CSA general manager Tom Underwood said. “This, along with new billing programs like time-of-day billing, drives the demand for a system like the Orbit Meter Data Management and Analysis System.”

“We feel that this step will give us the ability to continue to grow and expand this product both within the CSA member base and beyond,” Underwood added. “CSA’s resources, along with the knowledge of the existing USSI personnel, creates a very strong foundation for future development.”