For several years, many of our members have requested that we develop an in-house solution for prepay. Recent developments, like CSA’s new Orbit One electronic payment and customer engagement product, make this the right time to add a prepay option to our portfolio. The comprehensive product is currently under development, but an initial beta version has been installed and is working at a member utility pilot site. We are currently developing this new product under the name Orbit PrePay+. So, the question is, what is CSA doing to make this product a better prepay option for our members? Here are a few examples:

Seamless integration into Orbit CMB and Orbit One
There are no external systems required for setting up a customer. Customers are also able to pay through the new OrbitONE customer portal that shows their Orbit PrePay+ balance. Additionally, because Orbit PrePay+ is fully integrated into Orbit CMB, very accurate daily billing will be achieved.

Orbit PrePay+ works with non-AMI services
While it is always a “best practice” to deploy prepay where AMI for metered services is installed, Orbit PrePay+ allows metered services without AMI, or individual accounts without AMI, to be added and calculated using our estimation engine.

Orbit PrePay+ doesn’t require a “special bill” for mid-month customer enrollment

Utilities can set a customer up at any time, and the software is smartenough to know how to bill a customer without any additional steps.

Bad debt recovery options

Orbit PrePay+ allows the utility to recover bad debts on a definedtimetable when using agreements. This allows the utility to project howmuch bad debt will be recovered over a given time.

Orbit PrePay+ can also auto-create agreements while truing up billing estimations

This means that any shortages (differences between an actual bill and what was estimated) can automatically be put on a 30-day agreement so there is minimal impact to the prepay user.

Full integration with the customer portal and electronic payment solution

Orbit PrePay+ is being built to fully utilize the functionality of CSA’s Orbit One payment and customer engagement product (CustomerPortal). This will mean that pre-pay and post-pay customers will have the same user experience through a single application.

And finally, a lower price

While we have not yet completed the development and pricing of the system, it will be available to our members at a significantly lower price than the current pricing from third-party solution providers. CSA will continue to build out the Orbit PrePay+ product through our beta installations and we expect to begin full product availability sometime in early 2020.For more information, contact Steve Swartz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 662-842-5962.