Orbit™ Meter Data Management

Empowers your team to fully utilize your AMI data

Business operations will benefit from the robust reporting tools that allow them to:

  • Troubleshoot meter data issues with robust query options
  • Identify potential theft or other issues with meters or locations
  • Evaluate system configurations for efficiency
  • Identify potential lost revenues using Virtual Locations

Your customer service team can more effectively address customer concerns with tools that:

  • Enable consistent billing cycles
  • Address customer bill concerns with daily usage data
  • Streamline the customer move in/move out process
  • Process mass and single disconnects easily

The engineering team can combine information from your AMI, GIS, CIS, billing and other systems to comprehensively evaluate your system. They can:

  • Monitor your system's daily, monthly and yearly usage and demand from one screen with tabs for electric, gas and water.
  • Generate transformer load reports and evaluate transformer peaks and usage by individual meters
  • Troubleshoot issues with robust query options that can be sorted by revenue class, substation, feeder, phase, route and billing cycle
  • Evaluate system configurations for efficiency

Orbit Meter Data Management offers robust reporting tools that can make it easier for your operations team to manage your system using your AMI data. All reports can be sorted by date range and can be printed, emailed or exported to Excel.


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