Orbit™ Customer Management & Billing

Accesses, manages and maintains all customer information in one location

Orbit Customer Management & Billing


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  • Manages all major customer-related business processes and services with one product
  • Includes robust reporting tools
  • Allows security to be set by role at the window or field level
  • Integrates fully with Orbit Dynamic Financial Management to improve accounting accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduces manual processes
  • Offers the flexibility of user-specific setup
  • Utilizes simple user navigation
  • Maintains history and audit trail
  • Scales easily for number of customers and services

Whether you provide one utility service or many services, Orbit Customer Management and Billing allows you to access, manage and maintain all of your customer information in one central location. Your team can easily track customer usage, billing rates, deposits, service orders, collections, customer contacts, and account history and can manage your billing processes more efficiently.

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