With Customer Portal
The customer is always in control

monitor cutomer portal

  • Gives the customer control
  • Interactive Charts
  • View and Pay bills online
  • Customer Profile
  • Message Board
  • Customer Education opportunities

The Orbit Customer Portal provides a central focal point of connectivity to customer data throughout all of a utility’s systems and displays it in a user-friendly web-page atmosphere. With Customer Portal, the customer is always in control. Password changes, text or email notifications, and the customer profile are all controlled by the customer. The customer can receive text or email notifications for budget thresholds. Creating a profile page by and adding their appliances helps the customer can see how their current appliances are impacting their usage based upon the utility rates. Customers can view and pay bills online through utility-provided services. The message board allows the utility to publish notices to customers. The utility can educate its customer base by including money saving tips and other educational tidbits on the University page. Interactive charts allow the customer to view the exact usage and cost for a particular period of time. For utilities who have an MDM (Meter Data Management) system, customers will be able to drill down to an hourly view for utilities who collect readings hourly.

CSA has a product they can stand behind. They have strong service and strong support.

Christy Rowsey
Pickwick Electric Cooperative