Orbit MDM transforms that vast amount of data
Into visual and graphical information

monitor orbit mdm

  • Multi-Service Meter Data Management (Electric, Gas, Water)
  • Multi-Vendor Co-Existent Interfaces (AMI, CIS, GIS, Billing)
  • Hosted and In-house Implementation
  • Expanded Analytics Module (Optional)
  • Available with Standard and Non-Standard Interfaces (ANSI, MultiSpeak, numerous Meter & AMI Vendor)
  • Companion Orbit Customer Portal (Optional)
  • All Views are Printable and Available for Multi-file Type Output (CSV, Flat, etc.)

Orbit Meter Data Management (MDM) compliments the many software components utilized by utilities today from AMI, CIS, Billing, GIS and other specialty software systems. With 15 minute or even quicker read intervals being commonplace, the amount of meter usage data and other information passed to Orbit MDM is enormous handling over 3,600,000 reads a year for a single meter. Orbit MDM receives, reports and archives electric, gas and water meter information in numerous formats from ANSI specified to MultiSpeakĀ®, as well as other standard and non-standard de facto interfaces. Best of all, Orbit MDM transforms that vast amount of data into visual and graphical information providing the ability for Utility departments to make quicker, easier and better informed decisions than ever before.

I pick up the phone and they are there, ready to help me. Every time.
Again you amaze me with what all you do for us!!!

Carolyn Hunt,
Cullman Power Board