Simplifying the work flow of a work order
From conception to close

monitor works

  • Web-based navigation makes utilization simple for users
  • View details and reports for a work order on a single page
  • Interfaces with financials
  • Quick closings post directly to plant ledger
  • Close multiple work orders simultaneously
  • Company overhead can easily be spread among work orders
  • Create cost estimates
  • Customized reports provide detailed information about cost, activity, closing, etc.
  • Estimate costs using inventory items, sub-assemblies and assemblies
  • Material sales can be generated within WORKS

Orbit WORKS is a web-based work order system that provides intuitive work order transactions, simplifying the work flow of a work order from conception to close. WORKS maintains cost of work in progress and provides screens and reporting to aid in analysis of work order projects both open and closed. The plant account balances are also maintained within WORKS and information concerning a work order close can be readily obtain from the plant account or the work order.

It is important to me to know that as a member/owner of CSA, our utility has a say in the operations of the Association.

Mike Manning
Cullman Power Board