For many years our member utilities have requested payment services from CSA. As a direct response that interest as well as our desire to provide our members with the best customer service experience possible, CSA has introduced OrbitONE. OrbitONE is an integrated payments solution designed specifically for utilities, providing an enhanced customer experience and significant benefits to our members. OrbitONE supports payments via multiple channels such as web, mobile, IVR, Kiosk and walk-in as well as multiple payment methods such as credit and debit cards, electronic checks and cash. Additionally, OrbitONE also offers enhanced capabilities that aid in the fast and easy daily reconciliation of customer payments by utility administrative staff through its “next-day funding” feature. Through OrbitONE’s integrated web portal and mobile app, customers can access information such as usage and billing information, and report or obtain the status of service interruptions. The enhanced reporting and administration dashboard provides data supporting customer research and problem resolution as well as operational and trend insight.

Payment Channels
Like most consumers in the U.S., utility customers have been influenced by technological advances to expect to be able to pay their bills through whatever channel and method they desire, 24x7. Accordingly, OrbitONE provides a variety of convenient payment channels:

  •  Web Portal
  • Mobile Access via responsive web design
  • Branded native mobile application (iOS and Android versions)
  • Telephone Payments via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
  • In-Person payments at the utility’s counter
  • Kiosk

CSA's OrbitONE provides the utility with a web portal that is equally accessible via personal computer or mobile devices. Responsive web design incorporated into the portal affords the mobile user accessing the web site an enhanced user experience that sizes correctly regardless of the device they are using. The optional native mobile app provides the ultimate mobile experience via its design that leverages the advantages of iOS and Android operating systems. English and Spanish languages will be supported on the web portal and native mobile applications to help address the communication needs of CSA’s utility customers. While the availability of multiple payment channels makes it easy and convenient for customers to pay their bills, it also benefits the utility through potentially increasing payment activity and decreasing days sales outstanding (DSO).

Payment Methods
In addition to the convenience of multiple payment channels, CSA offers utility customers the ability to pay with multiple payment methods, including:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Electronic Check via Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)
  • Cash

This variety of accepted payment methods ensures that a utility’s customers have many viable options to pay their bill. Additionally, within OrbitONE’s electronic payment engine, debit, credit and checking account information can be saved securely for quick and convenient future use. OrbitONE’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) – certified payments environment ensures that account information is securely stored according to standards set forth by the major card associations.

Account Reconciliation and Reporting
One of the biggest daily challenges and time-consuming tasks for utility back-office personnel is the process of payment reconciliation. As the settlement time for card payments is typically two days and ACH payments can be two to three days or longer, reconciling the previous day’s account payments can be an arduous task. With OrbitONE’s “next-day funding” service, the exact funding for Day One’s payments arrives in the utility’s account of choice on Day Two – accurate to the penny. OrbitONE takes care of the actual lags in funds settlement, so the utility doesn’t have to deal with them.

Enhanced Web Portal and Native Mobile App
Today’s consumers expect a rich experience on their mobile devices and web sites when accessing data and conducting transactions. CSA’s Customer Portal and Mobile App provide an easy, convenient way for customers to view their bill information and make payments, as well as view their usage and access payment history. The web portal is accessible on mobile devices in a responsive web format that sizes to the customer’s device, regardless of make or size, and the native mobile app will provide an even more significantly-enhanced experience. Through OrbitONE's rich, unified customer experience, the utility’s customer can pay their bill, receive notifications, and access the information they want anytime, anyplace.

Integrated Over-the-Counter Payments
Utility counters can be busy places. Many cashiering systems are not integrated with the electronic payment system and billing system for payments made at the utility’s front counter, requiring front office personnel to make dual system entries for each transaction. This can result in more time spent updating accounts and a higher potential for data-entry mistakes. CSA’s Orbit Cashier is integrated with CSA OrbitONE so that payments accepted via an EMV-capable point-of-sale terminal are automatically updated in the Orbit Cashiering system and CSA’s Customer Management and Billing (CMB) system. This means that only one entry is made for each payment, updating multiple systems automatically, saving time and reducing errors.

Enhanced Reporting and Administration
OrbitONE offers comprehensive reporting and dashboard access to data for back-office and customer service personnel when responding to customer requests or conducting payment research.
Detailed and summarized dashboards and reports on payments, payment types, settlement, deposits, enrollments, problem accounts and other categories provide the tools utility personnel can leverage to quickly and easily identify needed data and resolve payment issues. Flexible options allow administrative access to be set up according to the utility’s needs, making access and tracking easy to administer.

One Integrated Solution for your Utility
CSA has been committed to its utility customers’ needs since its inception over 80 years ago.OrbitNE is a valuable service that provides our utility members deliver convenient and easy options for their customers to pay their bills. Additionally, OrbitONE is full integrated with Customer Management and Billing and Orbit Cashier, which facilitates a streamlined, consistent data flow that helps make reconciliation easy and reduces potential system risks.

OrbitONE – Focusing on the needs of Utilities and Customers
With OrbitONE, you have everything you need in a payment system

  • Convenient, accessible payments for your customers via multiple payment channels and types
  • Stability and confidence via experienced payment processing partners
  • Easy, consistent reconciliation via next-day funding of payments
  • Comprehensive reporting and administrative capabilities for the back office
  • One provider, one solution set for all your needs from CSA

CSA appreciates the opportunity to discuss the OrbitONE solution and how it can potentially bring significant benefits to our utility members. Please let your Regional Manager know if you would like to discuss these benefits in more detail.